• i really don't like the word 'blog.' it always reminds me of 'to blave' from the princess bride. but i like to eavesdrop on other people's lives on the interwebs, so i decided to join them. besides poetry and long walks on the beach, i like (read: am currently ridiculously obsessed with) everything to do with art, crafting, music, sherlock holmes, 'da gorge' (the love of my life), reading, murder she wrote, a certain french ex-porn star, forensic shows, cooking, my fam, italy, slim jims, trashy novels, coca-cola, home design, print gocco, the betty crocker cookbook, and hall & oates. in no particular order and subject to change at the drop of a hat (except da gorge and the fam, of course). i mostly talk about the fun stuff, but sometimes like to tackle the other 'taboo' stuff, too, like politics, religion, and sex. 'cause if you don't include those, well, i'm not sure what the point is really! (but mama/that's where the fun is...) tara. xo.

letters to danielle

  • danielle was a great letter writer. i have every one she ever wrote to me. most are from our high school and college days, and are ramblings filled with the smiths and silliness. when i think of writing a letter today, she is always the first one i think of to write. so throughout this blog are my letters to danielle, wherever i may find her (with my apologies to emily, simon, and garfunkel).

sacred songs

  • i've always leaned towards being obsessive (ok, so there is no 'leaning' involved). my major obsessions have always been rock stars, just like some people's heroes having always been cowboys. the wonder of music never ceases to amaze me, and i have yet to come across any job cooler than rock star. not that i have first hand knowledge, but if i could be anything in the world, that would be it. these posts are for my fellow obsessors, who know what's it like to love from afar. and dedicated to my brother, matt, who lives the dream! never underestimate the power of song. or rock stars.

    they're all sacred songs/they're not easily won/you know the words just seem to live on/the thoughts are sacred/though the sound is profane/but this and that you know/they're one and the same. ~ daryl hall

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February 14, 2011